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To All of You Who Are Motherly!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are motherly!

Mother's Day has always been an enigma to me and every year I am puzzled as to how to feel about this day. You see, my relationship with my own mother was strange and often estranged and so I can't relate to my friends who reminisce of loving and close relationships with their mothers.

Today a wise friend told me that on Mother's Day she takes the opportunity to thank everyone who has been motherly to her over the years and I am reminded of all the wonderful women who were there for me...especially my older sisters, my grandmother and my great grandmother.

And so, on this special day, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and an especially happy day to all of you of you who are motherly. Anyone can be a mother, but it takes a big, generous, loving heart to be motherly. 💗

Spirituality in a Teabag - Truth is Everything?

A little tongue in cheek to start your morning - 

Can One Get Spiritually From a Teabag?

Apparently Yogi Teas thinks so, because everyday there is a message of enlightenment on the label of my teabag. Today's message is, "Truth is Everything," and we seem to be on a roll because yesterday's message was about "truth" as well. But it obviously didn't sink in, because that's all I remember.

Which brings me to the question, "What is Truth?" ...and can your "truth" be different than my "truth," and still be the truth. Obviously the politicians think so, but that's a topic for another blog.

But, getting back to Truth is Everything." Is it really? and if it is, why is it everything. I mean, is it the first thing you think about in the morning?

Do you say to yourself, "I'm going to tell the truth today?" Or is being truthful a goal for you?

Nah, I think for most of us, living a truthful life is just a gi…

Still Mindful After All These Years...

Still Mindful After All These Years...
What is being mindful? For me, being mindful is being aware or being in-tune with the present, what I'm doing, how I feel and what's going on around me. It's taking time out of my busy life to just focus on me, not change me, not change my circumstances, but get off the busy treadmill of life, allow myself to relax and just take care of me, even if only for a few minutes. Sort of like a mental "stop and smell the roses" moment.
In 2012, I started practicing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to help me better focus on my writing. Then, in January of 2014, I increased my daily mindful awareness (or being mindful) by attending a Mind-Body Skills Group at my local VA clinic.
What do I get from being mindful? A sense of inner peace and well-being, clarity of mind, body and purpose, and most of all, a feeling of oneness between my conscious, my subconscious and my body.

The Mindfulness Revolution
In 2014, Tim…

An Ode to That First Cup

On the horizon, the sun breaks Chasing the darkness of the night,

With sleepy minds and slow bodies We stumble from our bed, hopeful
Yet searching, 

Where is that savoir to the sleep-starved,
Where is that first cup, that first sip
Where is that glorious elixir 
we call...

With each sip energy flows through
Our bodies, invigorating
our muddled minds, restoring 
thought, inspiring synapsis
and we become ALIVE

We are ready to face that  Which mere moments before  was UN-FACE-ABLE

Get out of my way, World,  With this life-giving potion, I can do ANYTHING I AM INVINCIBLE!

Thank you, Coffee 

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