Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just One Last Time...

Today I read King's The Stand and
For the first time I felt their pain,
You died a week ago and my life
Will never be the same,

I exist 
Through the good days and bad,
The ups and the downs... 
Oh, how they threaten to drown!

My mind in a fog, 
My emotions on hold,
I never knew 
How much I loved you 
Until you were gone,

I wonder,
Does one ever get past this pain,
This suffocating sense of loss?

I love you, Mom,
Wish you were here,
Just one last time with
Your laughter and smiles,

We could journey down roads unknown,
Just you and me, how much fun it would be, 
We could picnic at the end of our miles!

I love you, Mom. Rest in Peace

Copyright - 2015 - Ingrid Foster

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