Same old, same old...Plot

Here's another blog entry that I relocated from my previous blog:

This morning while reading Jeanne Cavelos' essay, "Innovation in Horror," in the HWA Handbook, ON WRITING HORROR, I was once more moved to record my thoughts in this blog.

I recently read in ON WRITING by Stephen King, that he prefers not to plot. Thanks to his wise words I gave up the tedious and stifling task of attempting to plot my current work and just started doing what I love, writing through the unencumbered guidance of my characters.

While reading Jeanne Cavelos essay, I felt inclined to share another insight, "be innovative as opposed to imitative."

So here I am writing a novel that is my own without being imitative, this is true, yet I feel compelled to take this inspiration up a notch. Why should this story follow the same old humdrum plot lines of evil escapes, guilt-consumed man enters picture, evil runs amok, man encounters and overcomes evil, evil vanquished with potential return?

As I returned to my writing, I felt a sudden freedom to think outside the box. No, I will not alter the beginning of my current work-in-progress, it's not necessary. Yet, I am sure Ms. Cavelos's words will influence my reaction to my characters as they continue to lead me down their story's path.

Isn't that the beauty of creating? feel inspiration's wind in your hair as you explore unknown territory, nothing to hold you back? For me, it's great to know that I am free to follow my own will and do my own thing irregardless of whether it's new or an innovative take on something old.

As always, thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts...


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