Off My Shelf - THE TURQUOISE MASK by Phyllis Whitney

Like most writers, I am an avid collector of books and like most bibliophiles, I collect faster than I can actually read. Going to a library or book store, especially a second hand one, is like going to a candy store for me. Oh look at that great cover! I must read it! Or, oh look, one of my favorite authors, I MUST buy that!

And this is how I managed to acquire Phyllis A. Whitney's THE TURQUOISE MASK. Ms. Whitney's books were favorites of mine back in my teens. So seeing her books in one of my local hunts proved irresistible and as I unleash my new determination to actually read all of the books on my towering bookshelves, I started with hers.

THE TURQUOISE MASK takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a location that proved particularly fascinating to me. I currently live in the neighboring state of Arizona and have long wanted to visit artsy Santa Fe. So, with Ms. Whitney's helps, it was fun and fascinating to learn of its cobbled streets, adobe architecture and Spanish history and within the pages of THE TURQUOISE MASK, I truly felt like I was there.

I love a good mystery, especially one where I can't figure out the ending and the TURQUOISE MASK is one such book. It's only flaw was the romance between the main character, Amanda Austin, and her love interest, Gavin, it seemed a bit forced in the end. But even with this one flaw, it's still a great read.

Giving it four stars and a highly recommend!


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