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It's all about attitude - ROLL ON!

"I will not succumb," she said, "I will not give up, nor be defeated, I am still young and whole and I have no choice, it is do or die For me," and with that she unlocked The wheels of her wheelchair
And rolled on.
Photo thanks to Women's Weekly

I woke up this morning, pretty much in a panic about money, bills, survival...and where my writing life isn't as yet... And then I pushed myself out of bed, "I can do this," I said to myself. "I can do this." ROLL ON!

Poetry - An Ode to a Legend, A Life Well Lived

Another legend has gone away Too soon, too fast for us to notice His pain before that moment When he chose his life to end Leaving us to mourn with endless Sorrow his radiance,  His brilliance,
And now he is gone, but not Forgotten, for his gifts to us Remain and his talent will Forever more be remembered,
For that is all we could ever wish, The creative among us,  That our words, our thoughts,  Our minds consumed with Music or verse or endless chatter, We compose and recite and write or Act, with the hope of leaving  A lasting impression, 
But to die before our natural time Causes those left behind to wonder With sadness and confusion What might have been done  To help a man so loved,  So esteemed,  So extraordinary,  From leaving us far too soon,
And so I sit here with my shadows and thoughts remembering a man Who once brought me laughter  And sunshine and smiles and made  This often too-dark world a happier place And I think, Yes, that is his lasting  Impression, his legacy,