Vulnerability - Revisited

As I slowly incorporate my old blog with my new, below is a post I wrote in 2009, but my thoughts are still fresh as I stay the course I started in 2007...

Our secrets, the ones we hold deep within us, afraid to reveal, those are our biggest stumbling blocks. There is a part of us that so deeply wants to be free of that intense mass of pain and regret. If only a safe, merciful avenue of empathetic exposure were found, our vulnerability would be allowed. To lie naked and exposed before others, friends and strangers, that is the hardest act of bravery one could ever do.

I applaud those who are that brave. Not afraid to allow their writing to reveal their deepest, most life-shattering revelations. But what about the rest of us? We need that release just as much. We need the knots to become unwound. We need the wound to be open to fresh air. In doing so, we, too, can heal.

To these poor souls, I say one word, fiction. If our secrets are too profound. If our memories are too hurtful to ourselves or others, why not write in such a manner that allows us to reveal the pain but not expose our reality?

That is the path other writers have followed and for them it has been most healing. For it allows the pain to be handled in smaller doses and displays our memories at a safe distance rather than up close and personal.

To those who have and will endeavor on both the nonfiction and fictional routes, a warm smile, a big hug and a compassionate as well as empathetic, “Go in peace,” to you my friends, my fellow travelers. I am on that path with you. It can be a dark, scary place. But with the love and comfort of friends, we can get through it and be the better for it, on the other side.

All the best, always,



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