THE LINE by J.D. Horn

Have you ever read a story so real that you fall in-love with the city where the story takes place? Only three writers have been able to do that to me, Howard Fast with his San Francisco-based Immigrant series, Anne Rice with New Orleans and now J.D. Horn with Savannah.

In his debut novel, THE LINE, the city of Savannah becomes just as much a character as any other. Savannah is soft and warm like a mother and just as clingy in her desire to never "give up her dead."

This novel, this story, is also about the Taylors, Savannah's dominant family of witches. It's about their conflicts, loyalties and manipulations, and then it's about THE LINE, the powerful ley line that runs through Savannah. The Taylors have been maintaining that line for as long as anyone can remember.

When the Taylor Matriarch is murdered, another powerful witch must take her place. THE LINE wants Mercy Taylor, but she's not a witch. Born with none of her family's witch magic, all Mercy has going for her is gut instinct and the determination to survive and thrive in a family that too often see her as a liability. No, Mercy's not a witch, so why would THE LINE choose her?

I first heard about J.D. Horn when I caught his interview on BlogTalkRadio. The interaction between the host and the author piqued my curiosity, leaving me with an urgent desire to read this book. 

In many respects, J.D. Horn's writing reads like a cross between Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris. It has all the southern charm and quick wit of a Sookie Stackhouse with the imagination and intensity that attracts me to Anne Rice. It's a great blend and if Mr. Horn's other novels are this good, he's got a fan for life.

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