Mad House by Clea Simon

This is an old review, but as I go through this transition of moving from my blog to another, I am also moving my reviews to this site.

My review of Mad House by Clea Simon:

Being a bibliophile from an early age, I read incessantly!  Well, I finished a book last night that I just have to share, Mad House by Clea Simon. This book is the author's personal account of living with two older, mentally-ill siblings suffering from schizophrenia.

Clea's writing is insightful and intimately personal as she tells of her experiences  and impressions as a child, a teenager and finally as an adult coming to terms with their impact on her life. Clea also shares the practical advice she has learned over the years, giving hope to others trying to make sense of their own realities.

If you have mentally ill family members or just want to have a more personal account of living with the mentally ill, I recommend this book. On a personal note, Clea's words helped me find the peace and understanding that I have been needing in my own life.

On a side note, Clea is also the author of several amazing mysteries. My personal favorites are Dogs Don't Lie and Cats Can't Shoot in the Pru Marlowe series.

Thanks for reading!


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